How Does Windshield Rock Chip Repair Work?

Windshield rock chip repair is possible for small cracks.

Windshield rock chips are repaired using a resin that hardens to fill the crack.

You’re running late. That slowly moving semi-truck in the middle lane is not helping. You signal, switch lanes and accelerate. You breathe a sigh of relief as an empty stretch of freeway opens up. You move on by.

BANG! A rock, moving like a bullet, hits the windshield. Now you’re late, and there’s a bullseye on your windshield. Adding insult to injury, you’re going to have to spend a few hundred dollars for a new window.

But wait! Windshield rock chip repair is possible in certain cases. The best time to get a windshield chip fixed is immediately after it happens. Chips can become cracks. If the weather’s either hot or cold, that crack can grow before your eyes. Even if temperatures are mild, the chip will most likely get larger.

Unrepaired damage will eventually wreck the windshield as water permeates the layers of glass, causing condensation and decreasing visibility.

What Type of Windshield Rock Chips Can Be Repaired?

In some cases a chip isn’t even a chip. It’s just dirt from the rock. Give the spot a quick rub with a rag. If the stars align in your favor, you’ll discover the mar is only a particularly stubborn bit of dirt.

Most of the time, unfortunately, your eyes haven’t been misled. The damage is real, and you’ll need to get it taken care of. Here are the types of chips that may repairable:

  • Small chips: Chips 1 ¼ inches or smaller can usually be repaired. Place a quarter on the chip. If the chip and any cracks that radiate out are covered, you’re in luck. Damage that covers an area larger than a quarter may be too much to mend.
  • Certain shapes: What do bullseyes, flowers and stars have in common? They all describe the various shapes a rock chip can take. These types of chips can usually be filled. If the center of the chip consists of crushed glass, it may be beyond help.

What Type of Damage Can’t Be Fixed

Besides crushed glass, long cracks can’t be repaired. Old chips that were previously fixed also won’t get a second chance. Cracks that resemble spider legs poking out from the chip usually can’t be filled. If the chip and crack is at the edge of the windshield, you also might be out of luck.

How Are Windshield Rock Chips Filled?

A special resin is injected into the center of the chip. With the help of some pressure applied with a vacuum, the resin spreads and fills the cracks extending from the center of the chip. The process takes less than 20 minutes. Once it’s done your windshield is safe and ready for the road.

What Will the Fix Look Like?

The windshield may look as good as new after a repair. In other cases, the repair will be noticeable, but will still be an improvement over a crack. Even if there’s a slight flaw in the glass, you will have saved the glass from further cracks that would make the windshield unusable.

Fast Windshield Rock Chip Repair in Battleground

If your windshield is damaged by a flying rock, visit our Battle Ground, WA shop right away. If the damage is repairable, we’ll get it fixed and your windshield will be looking good!