Signs Your Car Battery Is About to Die

They say that good things come to those who wait. That may be true in some instances, but if you suspect your car battery is going bad, don’t delay. There are several telltale signs your car battery is about to die. If you see any of the following symptoms, get your car battery checked out.

Learn the Signs Your Car Battery Is About to Die before you get stranded on the road.

Old Battery

Batteries last about four years. Once a battery is a few years old, have it tested regularly. A good time to test the battery is when you get the oil changed. The manufacture date can be found on the battery case.

Weak, Slow Engine Crank

A battery provides the power that starts your car’s engine. A dying battery causes a slow, sluggish crank. Don’t ignore this sign. The next time you turn the key, your car may not start.

If the engine doesn’t crank, you may hear a clicking noise. Clicking or silence means the battery doesn’t have the power to produce even a sluggish crank.

Warning Light Comes On

The dashboard warning light gives a heads up on an approaching failure. Most cars have battery-shaped symbol. It will light up when there’s a problem with the battery, often when power is draining. The warning light can indicate a problem with with the battery or alternator. Batteries and alternators work together. The check engine might also come on when the battery is failing.

Problems With Electricals

A weak battery can create problems with headlights, power windows and other accessories. Today’s cars have many such components, and they’re all powered by the battery. When a battery is getting weak, you may not be able to run more than one accessory at the same time. For instance, if the headlights dim when you switch on the radio, it may indicate the battery is malfunctioning or losing power.

Bloated Battery Case

Too much heat or cold can cause the battery’s case to swell. This can happen after long periods of no driving, particularly if the battery froze over winter. You’ll need a new battery.

Bad Odor

If the battery froze, in addition to bloating, it could smell like rotten eggs. The bad smell comes from venting gases. Don’t ignore this situation since the venting means sulfuric acid is escaping. If it leaks on your engine, it can cause damage.

Professional Battery Services in Battle Ground, Washington

If you notice any of these problems, swing by our Battle Ground shop. You may have a problem with your battery, your alternator or with another component. We’d be happy to check things out and offer a solution.