What Makes Car Brakes Squeal?

When car brakes squeal, it’s a cry for help. Seriously. Every car’s brakes squeak, whine or otherwise get noisy when the pads are worn. Some cars are also equipped with sensors that let you know how worn your brake pads are. When it’s time to take your car into the shop, a dashboard indicator will light up.

When car brakes squeal it means the brake pads are worn.

Brake pads wear out over time. When that happens, car brakes can start squealing and squaking.

Don’t ignore these signs and symptoms of worn brake pads. As the pads get progressively lower, the brakes won’t work as well. This will lead at best to a costlier repair and at worse, an accident caused by failing brakes.

If you have to ask “Why are my brakes grinding,” well then, the situation is getting dire. Your brake pads are done, and your brake discs might need replacing. A metal-on-metal sound is never a good thing.

The Pot of Gold at the Rainbow

First, there’s no pot of gold when car brakes squeal. Sorry. But, there is good news. Silencing the squeaks is simple: install a new set of brake pads. The whining, while annoying, starts happening well before the time the rotors or discs are damaged. You’re not in immediate danger. You’ll have a little time to get your car into the shop to have the brakes worked on.

Other Signs of Problem Brake Pads

Besides squealing and grinding, you may notice other symptoms of worn pads. Your brake pedal may be lower than normal. You could feel vibrations in the steering wheel. Pads are supposed to have a plate to absorb vibrations, but sometimes, for whatever reason, the plates aren’t there.

What’s Involved in Brake Pad Replacement?

Normally, brake pads are checked during tire rotation or if there’s a problem. When you bring your vehicle into Grease Monkey, we’ll do an inspection. Before we get to work, we’ll give you a report and estimate.

It’s generally best to replace pads in pairs. This keeps the pads more evenly worn. We may also recommend the rotors be replaced or resurfaced. While we’re working on the brakes, we’ll lubricate the system. Lubing keeps everything working smoothly and reduces wear and tear on your car.

Want to Avoid Hearing Car Brakes Squeal?

You could wear noise-canceling headphones, but a better idea for avoiding noisy brakes is regular inspection and maintenance. We do more than oil changes in our Battle Ground shop. We take care of all your routine automotive car.

If you’re bringing your car into our shop regularly, we’ll keep track of all your maintenance. Our brake inspection ensures all the components in the system are safe and in good working order. Contact us today to learn more about all our services!