Get Your Windshield Ready for Rainy Season

driving in the rainThe warm days of summer are quickly coming to an end! Before you know it, we’ll be back into the regular routine of Pacific Northwest weather: rain, rain, and more rain.  When the rains are coming down, you need a reliable windshield for your vehicle. Now’s the time to make sure that your windshield and wipers are in good working order so you’re prepared for the coming months of rain, snow, wind, and ice.

How can I protect my windshield against harsh weather elements?

There are a variety of water repellent products for your windshield that help drivers to see clearly and drive safer in the rain. These treatments generally cause water to bead up and quickly roll off to improve your visibility on the road. There are many competing products out there for this purpose, some better than others, but one application with a good product should last you through the Winter.  These repellents can also make it easier to clean off dirt, clear ice, or remove snow.

How do you know if your wiper blades should be replaced?

It may not seem like a big priority most of the time, but quality wiper blades are a very important safety feature.  They can help you see clearly in all types of weather conditions. When your wiper blades leave lines or streaks on your windshield after you use them, or if they make that dreaded squeaking noise as they are moving across the glass, then you likely need to replace them. Wiper blades should always move across the glass smoothly and quietly. If you need a new set, we’re more than happy to do the job for you!

Has a rock damaged your windshield?

It’s happened to every driver on the road at one point or another: a rock flies at your windshield and chips the glass. Sometimes you don’t even notice, and other times it scares you half to death. Roads are tough on cars and sometimes it just takes one small rock to do big damage to the glass. If left untreated for a long period of time, the chip and turn into a crack and ultimately ruin the whole windshield. But, if you act soon after the damage is done, you can have the chip repaired before the cold weather sets in, which will cause it to crack faster. Repairing a chipped windshield at Grease Monkey is quick, taking only 20 minutes or less. It keeps your vehicle safe and will save you money in the long run – if you don’t fix it soon, you’ll end up having to replace the whole thing down the road, which will cost a lot more.

Planning ahead with these simple windshield maintenance tips will allow you to be prepared for driving in the wet weather. These things can make a big difference when you’re on the road!

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