Why Should I Detail My Car in the Winter?

When winter rolls around, it’s time to pull out the gloves, hat and heavy coat to protect yourself and your skin from the elements. Just as you need additional protection and care when inclement weather hits, so does your car, and that’s among the many reasons that detailing your car in the wintertime is equally as important – if not more so – than doing the same during spring, summer and fall. Here’s why:

Seasonal Considerations

To keep drivers safe on wet or slippery roadways, sands, acids and other potentially damaging substances are often applied to the streets during winter months. These substances can wreak havoc and cause scratches on your car’s paint, and any damage done to the paint is often easily noticeable with the naked eye.

The best way to minimize the damage and to keep your car’s painted surfaces from becoming dull is to use a high-quality car-washing agent and add another coat using a gloss enhancement.

Keep Wheels Clean and Pristine

clean tires battle ground waIn addition to potentially damaging your car’s paint job, acids and sands applied to the roads during the winter can have negative effects on your wheels. For optimum protection and to keep them shining brightly year-round, apply one or two coats of polish to all four wheels, and be sure to repeat this step between every few car washes.

Additional Dangers

Winter driving conditions can also hinder visibility, making riding in the car particularly dangerous for you and your passengers. Keeping your windows and headlights clean and clear is even more important during the winter months than it is the rest of the year.

To clean your car’s windows, apply a glass cleaner intended for automotive use and make sure it’s an ammonia-free formula for best results and a streak-free finish.

Steps for Protecting a Leather Interior

When prepping your ride for the wintertime, don’t forget about the interior! Applying a conditioning coat to leather interior surfaces will help the leather maintain flexibility and suppleness. Keep an eye out for conditioners that contain lanolin and mink oil, which do a great job at preserving your leather interior and keeping it in tip-top shape all year round.

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