What Is a Clay Bar Treatment?

Washing your car keeps it looking sharp. Regular cleaning and waxing also protects a vehicle’s finish. If you want to take maintenance a step further, consider adding a clay bar treatment. Clay removes contaminants that washing and waxing miss.

What Is Detailing Clay?

Car detailing and clay bar treatments bring out the best in a car.

Clay bar treatments remove pollutants and road debris that cling to your vehicle’s finish.

Detailing clay is a resin. Most automotive clay is synthetic, though it can also be natural. Clay bars are used to remove soil that doesn’t wash off using soap and water. Auto detailing clay is more elastic than the type of clay children play with. The elasticity means detailing clay can endure the rolling, stretching and flattening of detailing work.

How Is Auto Detailing Clay Used?

Detailers rub clay on the surface of a car to remove particles that have penetrated the finish. Before a treatment, the car is washed and dried. A lubricant is applied, one area at a time, to allow the clay to move smoothly over the paint. The lubricant prevents scratching as the bar is rubbed into the vehicle’s paint.

At first the clay will grab the finish as fine particles are transferred to the bar. The clay glides freely over the finish after the particles have been removed. A car treated with clay should feel smooth to the touch.

What Does a Clay Bar Remove?

Clay bars remove stubborn soil that has penetrated the finish of a car. Clay also picks up the tiny metal particles in rail and brake dust that can adhere to a car’s finish. Over time, these particles oxidize, leading to rust under the clear coat. Clay also grabs sap, tar and bugs. Clay works without removing any of a car’s finish. You can also use clay on paint or glass.

Which Cars Should Get a Clay Treatment?

Any car can benefit from clay treatments. When a vehicle is outside, it collects pollutants. Road debris and air pollution carry contaminants that settle onto a car and mar the finish. Left untreated, contaminants accumulate. Getting a clay bar treatment about twice a year removes the buildup of pollution and particles. Some people prefer to get a treatment more often.

Wax and Seal after a Clay Bar Treatment

Wax a car after a clay treatment. Clay removes car wax. Tiny holes left by particle removal need to be sealed and filled with wax to prevent further damage. Waxes and seals are more effective at protecting your car after a clay bar treatment.

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