Car Wash Battle Ground, WA

A car wash performed by the Clean Machine is your best choice for quality auto washing in Clark County. Our computer controlled sprays use gentle soaps and clean soft cloth, so your car gets squeaky clean without any of those unsightly swirls. We are your nearest car wash for Battle Ground residents.

Monthly Unlimited Car Wash Packages

We are excited to offer monthly car wash packages. Express $24.99 / Month VIP $34.99 / Month Executive $54.99 / Month Boss Car Wash $74.99 / Month *Buy 5 months get 1 additional month free!

Boss Car Wash

Get your car washed, like a boss! Treat your car to this deluxe deal. Get a gentle soft cloth wash to get the dirt off, but it doesn’t end there. We’ll clean every part of your vehicle’s exterior, including the tires, wheels, and undercarriage. Then, we’ll help your vehicle stay cleaner, longer. We apply our tri-color foam polish, clear coat protectant, and reflex complete surface treatment. We also give a personal touch, with a blow and hand dry finish. Plus, we’ll dress up your tires and do a quick wipe-down of the interior dash, as an added bonus!

Executive Car Wash

Ready to get your shine on, at a super affordable price? Try out our executive car wash! In addition to our standard wash, your vehicle benefits from our unique tri-color foam polish. We will also add a clear coat protectant to keep your car in tip-top shape even longer.

V.I.P. Car Wash

Take things up a notch with our V.I.P. wash. Get your tires and wheels cleaned as well, and the undercarriage sprayed. In addition to a nice blow dry, we will give your car a fantastic dry hand finish. Your car will thank you!

Express Car Wash

Are you in a hurry? Our soft cloth wash will get all the dirt off your vehicle, leaving it squeaky clean. We’ll then give it a nice blow dry so that it stays dry. Your car will look new as if you just drove off the lot!

While washing your car at regular interval is essential for keeping it looking its best, washing it the wrong way can do more harm than good. It all begins with rinsing it in its entirety, and this must be done before any soap or cleaning. If you want your car to look its best, you must put in the work, including washing, waxing, polishing, and detailing it.

Wash your car about once a week. Regular cleaning removes contaminants that damage the finish. Remove filth as soon as possible. If left on your car, the organic proteins and acids in these substances can eat into the finish. When it’s time to deep clean your vehicle, visit your nearest car wash in Battle Ground, Washington. We have the complete car washing and car detailing services in Clark County.