Arm Yourself With Essential Car Cleaning Tools

Do enjoy washing your car? Nothing beats professional detailing for the ultimate in shine and flash. But many people love spending quality time cleaning their 4-wheel pride and joy. If that’s you, you need to have the right tools for the job.

Must-Have Tools for a Clean Car

Automotive soap and a soft mitt are essential tools for washing a car.

The right tools keep your car clean without scratching the finish.

Sponge or mitt: A large natural sponge or mitt is ideal for applying soap. Indulge in a lamb’s wool mitt for the best results. Be sure to rinse the sponge or mitt in clean, clear water to remove grit that can scratch your car’s finish.

Car soap: Use soap formulated for cars. These soaps won’t harm the finish, and they’re less likely to leave a visible residue. Even a good-quality car soap needs to be thoroughly rinsed to avoid streaks. Household detergents damage a vehicle’s paint. Don’t use them.

Hose: A standard garden hose will do a good job of rinsing soap from your car. Skip the nozzle sprayer, though. Instead, let the water flow over the car. This method of rinsing reduces the chance of spots because water moves in a sheet.

Towel or chamois: A soft terry or microfiber towel or chamois is the best way to dry a car. Don’t skip drying by hand. Air-drying leaves spots, especially if the water is hard where you live. Since water spots are most visible on glass, dry the windows first.

Paint cleaner: These products brighten your car’s paint job. They are especially made to remove slight rust and other stubborn marks such as dried bird poop, bugs and swirls left from washing. This is an optional step. It follows washing and comes before polish and wax.

Polish: Use polish after paint cleaner. Polishing is another optional step. Use a polish if you want your car to look brilliantly shiny. Polishes continue to smooth and clean your vehicle. You don’t need to polish after each wash. Once or twice a year may be enough.

Wax: Waxing is the final step in washing. Wax protects your car’s finish and brings out the shine.


If these tools aren’t enough to keep you busy, there are lots of other extras you can play with. For instance, chrome polish, tire dressing and clay bars are tools you might enjoy. If you like gadgets, try a small portable compressor. These blow dirt and dust from the AC ductwork and chase away musty odors. A small portable vacuum works great to clean your vehicle’s interior.

The Easy Way to Keep Your Car Clean

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