7 Reasons to Cruise to the Nearest Car Wash

A clean car is one of life’s small pleasures. It feels better to drive a car that’s looking its best. Your car may be new, or it may be old. It may have a few dings, or it may be unblemished. No matter what its condition, your car works hard for you, and it will keep going for longer if you take care of it.

Near car wash in Battle Ground, Washington.

Reasons to Visit the Nearest Car Wash

You can wash your car at home, but there are several good reasons to take your car to the nearest car wash. If you live in Battle Ground, Washington, the Clean Machine Car Wash is your hometown car wash.

Here are the top reasons to get your car cleaned at a professional car wash:

1. Save Time

Washing your car at home takes a big chunk of time. Even if you enjoy the ritual of sudsing up in the driveway, there are times when it makes more sense to cruise to the nearest car wash.

2. Clean Hard-to-Reach Areas

When was the last time you cleaned your car’s undercarriage? It’s not easy to clean under a car. When you come into The Clean Machine Car Wash, we have the tools to take care of hard-to-clean areas such as the undercarriage, tires and wheels.

3. Stay Eco-Friendly

Using a car wash near your home keeps Clark County’s water safer and cleaner. Our methods are efficient, meaning we conserve water. The Clean Machine Car Wash doesn’t let dirty water run into storm drains. We treat wastewater before disposing it in the sewer. In addition, we use gentle soaps and soft cloths to wash your car.

4. Car Washes Are Safe for Your Vehicle

We protect your car’s finish with computer controlled sprays and soft cloths that don’t scratch or leave swirls. Our soaps are effective, but not harsh. Our hand and blow dry techniques ensure your vehicle won’t be marred with stubborn hard water spots.

5. Better Gas Mileage

Everyone wants to save a buck. Regular oil changes and maintenance improve a car’s performance. But did you know that keeping a car clean can also get you better mileage? Dirt creates drag, so when you’re cruising down I-5, not only will a clean car look better, it will cost less to drive.

6. Protect Your Vehicle’s Finish

Dirt on a car is more than an eyesore. Grime can also harm your vehicle’s finish. Road spray, bird poop, salt and pollution can damage paint. Wash off all the gunk regularly to protect your investment. Ideally, you should visit the nearest car wash about once a week for the best results.

7. Take Pride in Your Ride

We all love our cars. Even people who aren’t necessarily car people, admire the beauty of a clean car. Take pride in your car and keep it looking good with regular trips through the car wash. When it’s time for something extra special, treat your vehicle to one of our car detailing packages.

The Clean Machine Car Wash is conveniently located in the heart of Battle Ground, Washington. Visit us today at 105-B NW 12th, Ave., just a couple blocks off NW 10th Ave.